Standard prices are always shown when selecting date and number of persons (beds). If you are a student or employee you will have contract prices available. If all rooms are booked you have an obligation with student prices to share room with someone else. To get your campaign price you enter either Anställd (Employee)or Student in the field Company when you are at the checkout of your booking. If you have a contract price as a company you use your company name to get the proper price.

Beds and Rooms

If you book a room and select “1 person” this means you are willing to share room. If you want a room of your own you select both beds in that room and also pay for the extra bed.


Students and private individuals: Payment at location by card or Swish.

To pay by invoice companies and employees with projects need to add the following information, except for the company name: Organizational number, Reference (employees use cost center and project), Billing address and Postal address.

Avoid putting sensitive personal information in the comment field!

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